The Enthronement consists of obtaining an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and placing it in a place of honor in the home AND consecration of the family to the the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

This should be a picture of Jesus with His Sacred Heart Exposed and hung in a prominent place where it can be honored daily and remind us frequently to think of Him, to return His Love and to make him King in our home and our hearts.

At the time of Enthronement the Consecration Prayer is offered and all present respond with "Amen"

This prayer should be repeated frequently throughout the year.

Consecration Prayer

I, (Name/Names) consecrate myself (Ourselves) to Your Most Loving Sacred Heart Lord Jesus. I offer You my life, my actions, my pains, and sufferings. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Help me to Love Your more each moment and Guide me in Your Holy Will. Thy will be done for ever and ever.
Open Thy Sacred Heart O Jesus! Show me Its beauty and unite me with It forever. May the throbbing in all the movements of my heart, even during sleep, be a testimony of my love and tell Thee unceasingly: Yes, Lord Jesus, I adore Thee. Accept my poor little actions Grant me the grace of repairing evil done. That I may praise Thee in time and bless Thee for all eternity.

Catholics should have the image and the Home blessed.